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The wedding palace

A solemn ceremony and a wedding in "Olgino" is a beautiful beginning of a long and happy family life. Here, as in a family estate, different generations of your family unite. A gift for the newlyweds is an exciting walk through the picturesque surroundings in an elegant Rolls-Royce cab. May your joint journey through life be as refined and comfortable!

A unique bell ceremony, a buffet right after the painting, a photo shoot on the shore or on the roof of the castle overlooking the river, a banquet of organic products from our own eco-farm in one of the halls of the restaurant, the second day of the wedding in nature along the river near the forest - this is only a small part of what we can offer for two lovers.

The wedding palace, which has an official license and is decorated in a solemn style, a banquet hall and an area for celebrations and photo shoots are at guests' disposal. On this important day of your life, you can be sure that everything will be perfect. The luxurious reception hall, decorated in the style of ceremonial palace premises, exquisite details are the decorations for the perfect holiday.

The restaurant with classic interiors includes a banquet hall with double lights, an outdoor terrace and a platform for celebrations.

Trust us to take care of your holiday!

The restaurant is the place where the main part of your celebration will take place. Let it be flawless!

In "Olgino" you will find elegant classic interiors and first-class service.

No matter how long the wedding lasts, we will comfortably accommodate all your guests. You can stay in any of the five mansions or cottages by the water with a Russian bath. All guests will be comfortably accommodated in the hotel, and a luxurious room is provided for the newlyweds! Both for the wedding night and for the honeymoon.

A wedding banquet or buffet will be organized for you. You can also conduct an on-site registration in nature by the water: a picturesque river bank, individual design design - let this day become even more romantic and unforgettable for you.

"Olgino" is a place where you want to live and raise children. Start your new life in a new house, a comfortable apartment or a spacious townhouse. You can also purchase a plot for construction and build your dream home. All this is in a protected area with all communications and roads near water and forest!

"Olgino" is an island of happy life! Treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettable holiday among the beauties of nature - between the forest and the blue river. And then stay here to live forever! Olgino is a place to live!