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We are delighted! We celebrated the most important event for us and our families. Everything is at the highest level, the restaurant is super, very tasty cuisine. The complex is simply beyond praise. We express our gratitude to Yu.E. Shelyapin and his team for a wonderful holiday. I would like to note Evgenia and her professional approach to our event, every detail is perfected, every moment. We are very glad that we entrusted this little girl with our holiday, as our friends recommended it to us, who also celebrated their holiday in this wonderful complex and we did not lose. Thanks guys for our day! Reception, restaurant - chefs and waiters you are cool. Evgenia, your smile is in our hearts. We will come back to you again, until we meet again.
Dear Managers and perfect staff. We want to express our delight and gratitude to all of you!!! We and our guests enjoyed everything from the rooms to the wedding cake! We wish you Success, prosperity, growing number of guests, strength and health! We are happy that we have spent our day here. Special thanks to Evgenia!
The Frolovs